Hair Transplantation Treatments

DHI India has announced up to 20% OFF on Hair Transplantation Treatments!

The DHI India, the global leader in hair transplant and restoration treatment, has announced up to 20% OFF on its hair transplant and hair loss treatments to make hair restoration more accessible and inexpensive for people seeking affordable hair restoration treatments.

DHI India is a pioneer in hair transplantation procedures. The DHI clinics strive to give patients the best and most affordable treatments in India.

Hair loss is becoming a common problem with men and women today. A growing number of people are experiencing hair loss. Reasons could be from a chronic illness to stress and pressure, leading to significant disruptions, including hereditary hair loss.

People who suffer from conditions such as hair loss, baldness, alopecia, and many others lose their hair and self-confidence due to their hair loss condition. Thankfully, a hair transplant procedure, a permanent hair loss treatment, is here to help people worldwide restore their hair and happiness. Hair transplantation from the DHI technique is the best and the most effective hair transplant procedure, which gives long-lasting natural results.

Speaking about their latest offer, the DHI India team said, “Hair loss has become a common concern for most people now. There is no doubt that hair is one of the most vital components of the human body. It expresses the individual’s personality, so hair care is a must”.

Nowadays, people are losing their hair at a very young age, significantly impacting their happiness and confidence. Not just that, even their personal life gets affected due to this issue. Baldness impedes their path to marriage, job performance, and many other emotional problems.

The DHI India doctors added, “We at DHI are on a mission to help people lead happy and satisfying life. That’s why we keep coming up with some offers from time to time so that every person can take quality hair transplant and hair restoration treatment with DHI India. Our mission is to develop and give the best hair restoration treatments at the most affordable prices to hair loss sufferers worldwide. We want everyone to have access to the best treatment. As a result, providing this discount will assist sufferers in taking that very first step towards healthy hair and happy life.”

DHI India offers comprehensive therapy for all stages of hair restoration, including hair transplant/transplantation, beard transplantation, hair prostheses, and hair loss therapies, using the most advanced procedures with innovative technology.

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Hair transplantation/transplant is a delicate treatment that necessitates the close supervision of an experienced surgeon. DHI facilities consist of only a highly skilled and trained team of surgeons who perform procedures from the DHI – Direct Hair Implantation™ technique, the most advanced procedure available in India and worldwide. The DHI technique is innovative and procedure performed is minimally invasive in which hair follicles are implanted in a single phase extracted from donor area, the method allows complete control over the placement of hair and angle, direction, depth, and maximum density.

Furthermore, the procedure is painless, leaves no scars, and provides 100 percent natural and long-lasting result every time.

About DHI India

Direct Hair Implantation TM, popularly known as the DHI technique, is the hair restoration technique innovative by the DHI Medical Group, which is well regarded as a global pioneer in providing hair restoration treatments throughout the world since 1970! DHI’s chain of clinics complies with ISO, the UK CQC, and several other accreditations, ensuring the highest patient safety and quality assurance. With 75 clinics in more than 45 countries, DHI has developed a global footprint and continues to snowball.

Furthermore, it is credited with treating more than 300,000 patients globally over the past 50 years, including well-known movie stars, athletes, chiefs of state, and business executives. The brand’s mission is to continually innovate and give the best hair restoration solutions to hair loss patients worldwide.
DHI has developed its technique for implantation – The Direct Method of Hair Transplants – which has become the industry gold standard treatment. Additional initiatives include establishing in-house research and development centers, collaborations with leading institutions, and establishing a worldwide advisory board comprised of the world’s most renowned surgeons and scientists.

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